About Us

Jaro4Me magazine is a multi-faceted news portal for the community. The Jaro4Me platform (a joint venture established between JARO Media Services and Bizio) opens the doorway for the African diaspora to connect, digitize your lives, and receive curated content and opportunities important to you.

Taking its name from Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain peak on the African continent, the Jaro4Me magazine and the JARO Collective offer ever changing features insightful and educational editorials created for those who identify with Black culture. Together, Jaro4Me and the JARO Collective, featuring film, arts & culture, books, music, and more, serve as the one-stop destination for content that both entertains, informs and provides opportunity for the development of emerging independent content creators.

The My Jaro4Me offering (powered by Bizio) allows users to receive premium services such as mail, video conferencing, contacts, calendar, and drive storage space.

Jaro4Me continues the tradition of JARO Media Services, serving as a small group of independent writers and developers with a passion for sharing and educating the world about Black culture. We hope that you, as a subscriber, will grow with us on this journey—a journey created by us and for us!