Cam Flowers
Cam Flowers

I’d been working spotty freelance contracts for years when I finally landed a stable full-time job in NYC. I was receiving a competitive salary doing something I would easily do for free, and I quit after a year — to do it my way.

Teaching and uplifting others, building inclusive and innovative community spaces, and diversifying the technology industry from top to bottom has been personally important to me for over a quarter of my adult life. I’ve spent the last 6 years devotedly working as a software engineer, educator and entrepreneur with the very personal goal of increasing the representation of Black people in positions of leadership across the tech industry.

Cam Flowers, Floreo Labs NYC

Although I grew up around technology: playing video-games, tinkering with toys and browsing through my Myspace profile in high school, I never seriously thought about a career in engineering and technology until later in life. My first experience learning to code was in college, where I randomly took Introduction to Computer Science to fulfill a General Maths credit. Funny enough, I could’ve filled that requirement with just about anything but chose Computer Science particularly because it was so unfamiliar to me.

I hadn’t expected it but found that my education in engineering enriched my life by equipping me with certain tools and processes I could use to turn my own creative thinking and problem-solving skills into real-life solutions. Learning to create my own logical systems, programs and applications helped me fight off the paralyzing feeling of grief I felt after the senseless killings of the many innocent Black people that kicked off the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

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