Jeffrey Gamble's photography students viewing their works at a gallery
Jeffrey Gamble's photography students viewing their works at a gallery

A career of two decades, allows one to attain a huge amount of knowledge and experience in their field, and that is what I have accomplished working as a commercial and editorial photographer for the fashion & beauty industries.

For the photographer, shooting fashion and beauty allows for freedom to push the boundaries of the imagination, and calls for working with multi-talent to bring your visualization to life; the key desirable elements for every creative professional. The more exposure to actual real-life experiences, the more the photographer gets closer to mastering the craft. What this means is that being in the business of photography is a lifestyle profession, rarely will you see a professional photographer without their camera. It is one of those art forms that evolves with learning, and everyday life is the teacher. I’ve heard it being said that a true master is one that teaches or gives back all they know to their apprentices or students. So, on top of being a life learner, being considered a master of the craft calls for sharing those lessons. In my quest to follow this direction for the last 10 years, I have also been teaching photography to New York City students while I continue to work as a photographer. My mission is to use photography to shape the minds of my students, to get them to make the art form a part of their lifestyle.  It has certainly been gratifying to both them and  I, and the stories they tell in their works are extraordinary.

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